Sri Lanka's 9th Biennial Conference on Science and Technology (BICOST IX)—2023 Technical Outputs.

The 09th BICOST was convened by the National Science and Technology Commission of Sri Lanka (NASTEC) on March 23rd and 24th, 2023, under the patronage of the Hon. Minister of Education. The objective of the forum is to provide a platform to discuss science, technology, and innovation (STI) that would pave the way to making available the STI policy recommendations to the government as per the S & T Development Act 1994/11. The theme of the 2023 Conference was Science, Technology, and Innovation for Sustainable Development in the Era of Climate Change".

Over the course of a series of three-month pre-conference activities, followed by a two-day main Conference, more than 250 scientists from academia, industry, the bureaucracy, and representatives of public and private sector institutions worked on the following sub-technical thematic areas and came up with a set of policy recommendations through a series of technical reports:

Refer the technical-policy recommendation reports through this link

  1. Climate change, agriculture, and food security
  2. Nutraceuticals and lead medicinal compounds derived from Sri Lankan bioresources
  3. Value addition to natural resources and minerals
  4. Renewable energy, energy storage, and green hydrogen