BICOST Reports

BICOST VII Report 2014

The comprehensive reports of ten focus areas(BICOST VII held on 7th July 2014)

Introduction of 10 Trust Technologies
Food, Nutrition and Agriculture
Textile Industry
Mineral Resources
Software Industry and Knowledge Services
Basic Sciences, Emerging Technologies and Traditional Knowledge

Biennial Conference on Science and Technology (BICOST) in Sri Lanka Themes Since 2000

Year # of BICOST Theme
2000 BICOST I The Roles of Science and Technology in National Development
2002 BICOST II Science and Technology in Infrastructure Development
2004 BICOST III S&T Strategy for National Development
2006 BICOST IV A Road Map for the Review of S&Tin Sri lanka
2008 BICOST V National Science and Technolgy Policy for Sri lanka
2010 BICOST VI Planning for Economic Growth through Science and Technogy
2014 BICOST VII National Research and Development Investment Framework for2015-2020
2016 BICOST VIII Formation of Strategies for the implementation of National Research and Development Framework
Scheduled to be held 2018 BICOST IX Science,Technology, Innovation and Commercialization for Sustainable Development