Functions & Objectives

1.To advise the Government on policies and plans for the development of Science & Technology including policies and plans relating to:-

  • The application of Science & Technology to stimulate economic growth;
  • The impact of Science & Technology on the efficiency and competitiveness of Industry, Agriculture, services & economy;
  • The impact of Science & Technology on health, nutrition, and poverty alleviation, with a view to improving the quality of life of the people;
  • The development of human and other resources needed for Science & Technology, in consultation with the authorities responsible for education, training and research;
  • The development and management of the natural resources of Sri Lanka;
  • The identification and prioritization of Science & Technology areas that are likely to be of national importance;
  • The creation of a climate conducive for build up, retention and attraction of Science & Technology expertise;
  • The establishment of management strategies conducive to the productive application of Science & Technology;
  • The allocation of funds for Science & Technology, including the priority of funding research and development in Science & Technology institutions;

2. To submit a report annually, to the government, reviewing the Science & Technology activities in Sri Lanka in the preceding year, and on the effectiveness of measures for the development of human resources, the performance of Science & Technology institutions, the effectiveness of public spending on Science & Technology and the use of Science & Technology by public sector undertakings;

3. To review the progress of Science & Technology institutions in relation to the objects set out in section 2

4. To consult relevant Science & Technology institutions before advising the government on policies and plans relevant to those institutions;

5. To convene the Sri Lanka Conference on Science & Technology biennially, with the prior approval of the Minister, and to provide a forum for the discussion of Science & Technology in Sri Lanka in relation to the objects set out in section 2; and submit a report to the Minister on such discussions.

In its endeavours to further it objectives, NASTEC will take particular cognizance of the inputs from bodies such as the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Council for Agricultural Research Policy (CARP) and the National Health Research Council (NHRC) and Professional bodies such as Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science (SLAAS), Institute of Chemistry, Institute of Physics, Institute of Engineers and Institute of Biology.

One of the major issues where NASTEC would be most effective would be in the prioritization of areas of national importance of Science and Technology, and in advising the Government as regards the rational allocation of funds for research and development in national Science and Technology institutions of the country.

NASTEC is also expected to review annually the performance of Science and Technology Institutions and convene a biennial Sri Lanka Conference on Science and Technology.