Code Of Ectics for SSF Members

Clause 1

Members shall contribute towards S & T in the country and place the interests of the country above their personal interests.

Clause 2

All members should attend the AGM unless otherwise excused by the chair and should participate in activities contributing to the advancement of the SSF.

Clause 3

Member shall express opinions or make statements in an objective and truthful manner and perform services only in the area of competence.

Clause 4

Members shall express their views at the forum on matters of interest to the governing body, and once consensus is reached, all members should abide by the decision and abstain from criticizing it.

Clause 5

Members shall always act in such a manner as to uphold the dignity of the forum and should refrain from expressing his/her personal opinions as the opinion of the forum.

Clause 6

Members shall not disclose nor use confidential information gained in the course of the membership without the permission of the Chair of the forum.

Clause 7

Members shall apply their skills and knowledge in S & T-related matters in a professional manner, and they must make every effort to keep the public informed and misinformed.

Clause 8

Members should work as a cohesive group and should achieve the expected objectives as a team.

Code of Ectics for SSF Members